Designer Swimming Pool and heated whirlpool tub in a tropical paradise

Our Boutique Hotel is pleased to offer its guests the enchanting designer swimming pool and the heated whirlpool tub clad in antiqued white Trani stone. The evocative environment that surrounds the swimming pool has been entirely custom-designed and handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. Guests can admire the wrought-iron elements set amidst the Trani stone geometries framed by the contrasting green of the luxuriant tropical palms and the multitude of exotic flowers.

Raised and overlooking the pool area, the solarium area and open-air fitness center complete the experience of physical and mental well-being.

The lush tropical oasis, composed of thousands of exotic impatiens flowers and a great variety of trees, including Sago palms, Beaked Yucca and Yucca Draconis, is further enriched by the façade, which has been completely covered by the thirty-year-old American vine and contributes to the atmosphere of freshness and total relaxation, immersed in nature.

The suggestive atmosphere is further enhanced by the presence in the center of the swimming pool of the statue “The Flautist”, conceived and created directly by the owner Daniele Parcianello as a gift of love to his wife Fabiana. Entirely made of iron, with a hand-painted ceramic glaze, it shows a female figure playing a flute, covered in gold leaf, and is one of the hotel’s most appreciated and photographed elements.

There are touches of gold throughout the hotel spaces, including in the poolside Murano glass tiles, the gold leaf covered wrought-iron flowers that bloom from the Trani stone, and on the artistic reinterpretation of the dragon, symbol of the city of Jesolo, which invites you to enter the swimming pool.

Through an intercom directly from the pool area, guests can easily order the most famous Jesolo cocktails made and served by our cocktail bar The Terrace.

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