An unexpected tropical oasis in the heart of Jesolo

The owner’s passion for botany

The idea of ​​recreating an exotic atmosphere in Jesolo stems from the passion for botany of the owner Daniele Parcianello, who, during his travels around the world over the years, has had the opportunity to get to know exotic species that are little-known in his homeland, and to cultivate them with passion in the outdoor spaces of the hotel, recreating a real tropical oasis in the heart of Jesolo.

Impatiens al Milton Boutique Hotel nell'oasi tropicale
Impatiens in oasi tropicale

From the main facade to the swimming pool, the botanical experience in a tropical oasis at the Milton Boutique Hotel

We start with the main façade, where the guest’s attention will be immediately captured by the multitude of tropical flowers (about a hundred plants) arranged on the balconies of each room, which together recreate a single floral column towards the sky. Among the many flower essences highlighted in this exhibition we note the “cascades” of Surfinia flowers (Petunia Axillaris) of different colors including magenta, pure white, straw yellow and antique pink; all kinds and colors of Geranium (Pelargonium) including intense red, lilac, coral red and pure white; Dragon Begonias with their beautiful fiery red flowers and bright green leaves, passing to green essences such as the famous Incense (Plectranthus Plectra) and the spectacular side cascades of Nepeta Variegata (Glechoma Hederacea).

The ancient magnolia

Turning your gaze to the right you will not fail to miss the centuries-old Magnolia tree (Magnolia Grandiflora) which, towards the end of May, offers a magnificent flowering that paints the hotel entrance white and furthermore, giving a wonderful scented note to the whole surrounding environment. A suggestive corner, illuminated in the evening by a series of hanging Murano glass lamps that recreate a refined atmosphere and give the plant magnificent historical charm. This already-impressive tree was planted here in the 1960s. All around we find lush palm trees (Rachycarpus Fortunei) and a spectacular specimen of Cycas (Cycas Revoluta) that surrounds one of the numerous stone fountains found throughout the hotel.

Dracaena Draco con sullo sfondo la Vite Americana immersi nella nostra oasi tropicale

Among tropical flowers and plants there is also a collection of Frangipani

Uno tra i tanti fiori di Frangipane facente parte della collezione privata in oasi tropicale
Fiore di Frangipane della collezione privata in oasi tropicale

Continuing towards the pool, you are enveloped by the lush and brilliant flower beds of Glass flowers (Impatiens Wellerania) that color almost all the outdoor spaces with their vibrant hues such as coral red, fuchsia pink, magenta purple, pure white … and by the continuous edging of green palms and maple trees. Arriving at the swimming pool area, you are greeted by the very particular specimen of Pitosforo (Pittosporum Tobira), this, too, planted in the early 1960s and bred with care and passion. Its very particular umbrella shape protects guests from intense sunlight and throughout the summer it gives very fragrant white blossoms. On the right you can see a series of hand-painted ceramic vases from the best Sicilian artisans which hold the owners’ exclusive private collection of Frangipani (Plumeria) plants whose history is definitely worth reading.

On the left, as a backdrop to the statue The Flautist, created by the owner Daniele and dedicated to his wife Fabiana, we notice the particular flowerbed formed by an imposing stone cascade, the wooden changing room and a series of tropical palms of various genus and origin: a splendid specimen of Dracaena Drago (Dracaena Draco) from the Canary Islands, Yucca Rostrata, Cycas Revoluta, Banana Yucca (Yucca Baccata) and Yucca Aloyfolia.

The embrace of the American vine

Another focal point of this oasis is certainly the historic Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus Quinquefolia), which embraces the entire facade of the hotel in the swimming pool area.

About 40 years old, this climbing plant in various shades of green – more intense at the base and becoming brighter at the top – gives freshness to the entire pool environment. You just have to come and experience our tropical oasis and see for yourself the Parcianello family’s daily care, passion and dedication

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