Milton Boutique Hotel: the art of collecting

Tavolo in pietra lavica dipinta a mano

Crossing the threshold of the Milton Boutique Hotel is not simply entering a 4-star hotel, but living an experience dedicated to the art of collecting.

There are many items of the collection, both inside and outside the structure, including local, national and international craftworks amidst the collection of tropical flowers and plants.

Everything stems from the great passion of the owner Daniele Parcianello and his son Davide, both lovers of art and botany, who, over the course of many years, have had the opportunity to meet numerous master craftsmen both in Italy and abroad and have created a small art gallery at the Milton, where craftsmanship and originality are the masters.

The art of Murano:

From the moment you step inside, your gaze is captured by the imposing Ca’ Rezzonico Venetian chandelier in “barchessa” style.  This splendid original chandelier from the 1800s belonged to a noble Venetian family and was unearthed by Daniele and Davide inside an old Venetian villa on the bank of the Brenta river. At the time of purchase, this magnificent chandelier was somewhat  damaged, due to the neglected state of the villa, but the skilled craftsmen on the island of Murano restored all 500 handmade glass pieces to their authentic splendor and this Venetian work of art can be admired once again by all who enter our Boutique Hotel.

The balinese Crown:

Corona dorata Indonesiana

The lounge area, too, hosts several objects that are worth describing, starting with the original ancient Persian carpet in the Kirman style. There are also various lava stone tables, hand-decorated by master craftsmen from Deruta in Umbria. On the left you can see a very particular gold crown of exotic origin. This object was brought from Indonesia, more precisely the island of Bali in 2010, where it was worn by brides in wedding ceremonies. In this case it is not the material that gives value to the object, but the complicated weave of the creation that enhances the couple’s wedding attire. During one of his last trips to Indonesia, Daniele had the opportunity to attend a local wedding, where the magical atmosphere with a strong emotional impact created by the flowers, perfumes and colors prompted him to bring this particular object home with him. He decided to go to a local artisan and find out about the wedding traditions. Thus, this object, which complements the idea of ​​unique and refined design and symbolizes the importance of our guests to us, has found its home inside the Milton Boutique Hotel.

The “Ferro di prua” of the venetian Gondola:

Continuing to the external lounge of the salon area, we notice one of the most iconic objects of Venetian manufacture: the original pettine or “bow iron” of a Venetian gondola. This ancient example of blacksmith craftsmanship was found in 2005 during a stroll through one of the most famous antique markets in Piazzola sul Brenta, a beautiful historic city in the Paduan hinterland. We do not know exactly when this object was made, but at the time of purchase, it certainly did not appear as we can admire it today. It had been abandoned for many years and many of its parts were rusty, crooked and bruised. Daniele spotted its potential and bought it, lovingly restoring it himself to its original glory. To give it further splendor he decided to apply some gold leaf, which renders appropriate honor and prominence to one of the most iconic objects of our Venetian culture.

The ceramics of Caltagirone:

The Parcianello family’s great passion for Italian craftsmanship can also be admired in the numerous hand-painted ceramic works of art visible throughout the hotel: from the ornamental plates in  some of the rooms, to the numerous vases that give the right frame to the exotic plants; from the famous Sicilian pine cones, bearers of good omen, to the characteristic Moor’s Heads. Of particular  note is one Sicilian artist’s reinterpretation of the two Moor’s Heads in the lounge area, newly added to the private collection. These were recently picked up in the town of Caltagirone, in the Sicilian hinterland, where the ancient Baroque style has been revisited over time and where even the most classic and iconic objects have been reinterpreted by the skilled hands of the last master potters who have ably maintained a style of decoration typical of the Baroque but aligned with a more modern line of color.

The sicilian Puppet:

Continuing the journey inside our Boutique Hotel we must mention the precious Sicilian “Pupo,” none other than an entirely handmade puppet actually used in Sicilian theater in the 1980s and 1990s. It is a knight of medieval origin used to tell stories from the epic-chivalric era to children of all ages in Sicily. 4-star hotel jesolo lido hotel jesolo hotel with swimming pool hotel jesolo with parking hotel jesolo with private beach hotel jesolo booking

The “framed Murano chandeliers”:

Arriving in the hotel’s elegant restaurant, you are enveloped by the particular atmosphere, where the gold-embroidered burgundy curtains convey opulence and the golden yellow hues bestow a regal note. Five magnificent original Murano glass chandeliers from the 1960s highlight the splendor. Custom-made on the orders of the first generation of owners, Umberto and Diana Parcianello, each consists of five arms in blue spiral “rigadin” glass with antique rose color borders. In 2010 they were “finished” with made to measure lampshades in fine linen by local artisans, giving a greater touch of originality to the ambiance. 4-star hotel jesolo lido hotel jesolo hotel with swimming pool hotel jesolo with parking hotel jesolo with private beach hotel jesolo booking

The precious reflections on the Magnolia of Mutano glass:

Just outside the entrance area, where the majestic Magnolia tree dwells, is a beautiful display of ovoid Murano glass lamps in various colors, from ruby ​​red, to emerald green, blue topaz and diamond white, collected from one of the most famous glass foundries of the Venetian island in 2012. Restored, today they adorn the lower branches of the Magnolia, embellishing the magnificent tree as if they were real jewels and giving the whole area a regal aura, especially in the evening when they are illuminated internally and sparkle with flamboyant colored notes. 4-star hotel jesolo lido hotel jesolo hotel with swimming pool hotel jesolo with parking hotel jesolo with private beach hotel jesolo booking

La rara collezione di Frangipane:

Continuing along the external garden we come to the swimming pool area where, on the right, guests can see one of the few collections of Frangipani (Plumeria) plants in Italy. All these plants were collected by Daniele and Davide over the course of many years during their travels around the world. The Frangipani flower is considered one of the exotic blooms par excellence with hundreds of shades and the most intense and appreciated fragrance in the world. In many equatorial countries this flower is a symbol of optimism and positivity and is often used in wedding ceremonies and on special occasions.

Among the many types that make up the private collection at our Boutique Hotel, nine new ones are presented every year and exhibited in rotation, among the most important and appreciated are:

  • Plumeria Ottusa, collected on the Seychelles islands in 2011. The symbolic flower of these islands in the Indian ocean has a crisp white color with an intense canary yellow note in the center and, during the period of maximum flowering, emanates a very intense scented note.
  • Plumeria Rubra, collected in the Dominican Republic in 2014. The flower is bright pink and blooms in bunches up to 20 centimeters in diameter
  •   Plumeria Rubra “Candy Stripe,” collected on the island of Java in Indonesia in 2009. The flower has a very particular pink color that changes to an intense yellow internally.
  • Plumeria Stenopetala, collected in Madagascar in 2008. The flower in this variety of Plumeria is characterized by pure white, long and threadlike petals.
  • Plumeria Rubra “Elizabeth Thornton,” collected on the island of Martinique in 2010. The flower has an intense antique pink color with yellow notes in the central part, and it has a very particular fragrance with fruity and citrus notes.
  • Plumeria rubra “Vera Cruz Rose,” collected in the Canary Islands in 2017. It is also called rainbow rose thanks to the particular color of the flower that has pinkish notes in the tips and changes color in various shades towards the center with notes of white, red and yellow. 4-star hotel jesolo lido hotel jesolo hotel with swimming pool hotel jesolo with parking hotel jesolo with private beach hotel jesolo booking

“The Flautist”, homage to love:

Piscina con statua “The Flautist”

Continuing our tour of the Milton Boutique Hotel in Jesolo you will notice the “star” of the swimming pool: the statue The Flautist, conceived and created by the owner Daniele Parcianello as a gift of love to his wife Fabiana. Entirely made of hand-wrought iron, with a hand-painted ceramic tile cover, this elegant female figure in a long gown plays a transverse flute covered in gold leaf. Among the most appreciated and photographed elements of the hotel, it symbolizes elegance, passion and homage to love. 4-star hotel jesolo lido hotel jesolo hotel with swimming pool hotel jesolo with parking hotel jesolo with private beach hotel jesolo booking

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